Research topics I: Optical quantum information, including single photon source, entangled photon source and their applications in quantum information

  1. Spectrally pure heralded single photon source from PPKTP,BBO,KDP, etc
  2. Pulsed-Sagnac-PPKTP entangled photon source
  3. Multiphoton interference, including Hong-Ou-Mandel interference and NOON state interference
  4. Quantum walk

Research topics II: Classical Optics

  1. Photons with orbital angular momentum (vortex beam)
  2. 3D Measurement of surface roughness using optical interferometers


Mathematica simulations

Laser Beam through Two Points by Turning Two Mirrors

Gaussian Beam Propagation through Two Lenses

Periodic Wave Generated by a Pendulum Sandglass

Sagnac Interferometer with Two Mirrors

Sagnac Interferometer with Three Mirrors

Spectral Broadening Induced by Self-Phase Modulation

Spectral-Temporal Distribution of Biphotons from a Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion (SPDC) Process