Welcome to the Quantum Optics Group at Wuhan Institute of Technology. We are studying the single-photon level quantum effects using spontaneous parametric downconversion and photon counting technique.

Recent News


Ziqi Zeng, Shixin You, Zixiang Yang, Chenzhi Yuan, Chenglong You, Ruibo Jin, “Controllable transitions among phase-matching conditions in a single nonlinear crystal” Chinese Optics Letters (accepted)


Yan Guo, Zi-Xiang Yang, Zi-Qi Zeng, Chunling Ding, Ryosuke Shimizu, and Rui-Bo Jin, “Comparison of multi-mode Hong-Ou-Mandel interference and multi-slit interference” Optics Express 31(20), 32849-32864 (2023)

Jin-Long Zhu, Wen-Xin Zhu, Xiao-Tao Shi, Chen-Tao Zhang, Xiangying Hao, Zi-Xiang Yang, and Rui-Bo Jin “Design of mid-infrared entangled photon sources using lithium niobate” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 40(1), A9-A16 (2023)

Zi-Xiang Yang, Zi-Qi Zeng, Ying Tian, Shun Wang, Ryosuke Shimizu, Hao-Yu Wu, Shilong Liu, and Rui-Bo Jin “Spatial–spectral mapping to prepare frequency entangled qudits” Optics Letters 48(9), 2361-2364 (2023)

Baihong Li, Changhua Chen, Xiao Xiang, Runai Quan, Ruifang Dong, Shougang Zhang , Xiangying Hao, and Rui-Bo Jin “Complete spectral characterization of biphotons by simultaneously determining their frequency sum and difference in a single quantum interferometer” Physics Review A 108, 023713 (2023)

Baihong Li, Boxin Yuan, Changhua Chen, Xiao Xiang, Runai Quan, Ruifang Dong, Shougang Zhang, Rui-Bo Jin “Spectrally resolved two-photon interference in a modified Hong–Ou–Mandel interferometer” Optics and Laser Technology 159,109039 (2023)


Rui-Bo Jin, Hiroki Oshima, Takumi Yagisawa, Masahiro Yabuno, Shigehito Miki, Fumihiro China, Hirotaka Terai, and Ryosuke Shimizu “Two-photon spectral modulation via temporal manipulation: Quantum optical synthesis of spectral modes from temporal square waves” Applied  Physics  Letters  121, 244002 (2022)

Xi Chen, Shun Wang, Chenglong You, Omar S. Magaña-Loaiza, Rui-Bo Jin “Experimental implementation of the fractional-vortex Hilbert hotel” Physics Review A 106, 033521 (2022)

Wu-Hao Cai, Ying Tian, Shun Wang, Chenglong You, Qiang Zhou, Rui-Bo Jin “Optimized design of the lithium niobate for spectrally-pure-state generation at MIR wavelengths using metaheuristic algorithm” Advanced Quantum Technologies 2200028(2022)

Heng Lv, Yan Guo, Zi-Xiang Yang, Chunling Ding, Wu-Hao Cai, Chenglong You, Rui-Bo Jin, “Identification of diffracted vortex beams at different propagation distances using deep learning,” Frontiers in Physics 10, 843932 (2022)


Our paper “Quantum optical synthesis in 2D time–frequency space” (arXiv:2012.09352) was published on APL Photonics.


Our paper “Mid-infrared spectrally-uncorrelated biphotons generation from doped PPLN: a theoretical investigation” (arXiv:2012.09352) was published on Optics Express.


Our paper “Theoretical investigation of a spectrally pure-state generation from isomorphs of KDP crystal at near-infrared and telecom wavelengths” was published on Physics Review Applied 11.034067(2019)

Our paper “Error-disturbance trade-off in sequential quantum measurements” was published on Physical Review Letters 122, 090404(2019)


Our paper  “Time-frequency duality of biphotons for quantum optical synthesis”  was published on Physics Review Applied 10, 034011 (2018)

Our paper  “Quantum manipulation of biphoton spectral distributions in a 2D frequency space toward arbitrary shaping of a biphoton wave packet”  was published on Opt. Express 26, 21153 (2018)

Our paper “Extended Wiener-Khinchin theorem for quantum spectral analysis” was published on Optica.


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